Under “Activity D” we are looking to conduct 5-10 short term (2-6 months) policy research pieces around the impact of Business Environment reform over the next 3 years. These are intended to add to the evidence base and support DFID in its future programming decisions.

Our main areas of focus are expected to be:

  1. What are the direct effect of business environment reform (BER) on poverty?

  2. What is the impact of BER on investment?

  3. How does BER affect gender outcomes?

  4. What is the link between BER and environmental outcomes?

  5. How effective is BER in fragile and conflict affected states (FCAS).

In order to narrow the focus and develop a terms of reference / scope for these studies, we are able to commission a number of quick (2-4 week) scoping studies. These scoping studies are intended to determine the focus of the larger reports. We are interested in hearing views and expressions of interest around:

  • Suggestions for scoping studies that will narrow the focus under our broad themes;

  • Expressions of interest in conducting scoping studies;

  • Suggested areas within our broad themes that warrant further consideration (either due to a particular scarcity of evidence or high demand)

  • Focal points for our longer research pieces

We are keen to narrow our focus early and get started with our scoping studies. In particular, we are interested in identifying possible contributions to the evidence base on BER impact on poverty and investment (1 & 2). We are looking to build on the DFID Rapid Evidence Assessment on the impact of business environment reform and the LASER paper on investment climate, and specifically identify opportunities to add to the evidence base and address some of the gaps they have identified:

DFID Rapid Evidence Assessment 2015

LASER Evidence Assessment

Please email Dan Aylward  with any initial thoughts