KPMG Change Readiness Index is a tool for analysing country ability to proactively manage change and respond to shocks.  In 2015, the Index covered 127 countries.  The Index is broad based in that it covers many aspects of country performance in the area of enterprise, government, and people and civil society.

The Index is comprised by primary survey questionnaire data and secondary sources.  The primary survey is conducted through country experts, and provides unique and additional information about countries which are not available from secondary data.  This includes data for example from the World Bank Doing Business Index, and the World Economic Forum Global Competitive Index.  The KPMG web site tool allows users to make comparisons between different countries as well as to look at data for pillars and sub-pillars in each country.

Further background on the CRI, including an example of comparing two countries in East Africa at sub pillar level, can be seen in this recent publication in the International Banker

Please take a look at how countries which you work on perform in the CRI.  What does the CRI tell you about the overall Business Environment?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the economy?  Where could reform programmes add value to performance?