Stability, Peace and Security

DFID’s work is increasingly located in fragile and conflict affected states, or FCAS, where the environment for economic development is very challenging.  As noted in the DFID economic development strategy, violence is often used to secure access to resources at the expense of the wider population. This can deter entrepreneurship and deepen poverty.   The world’s poor are increasingly concentrated in fragile states, as other countries are more successful in enabling poorer people to increase incomes and escape poverty.

The FCAS agenda is central to BERF.  Following a policy research scoping study, BERF has undertaken a detailed research study on dimensions of fragility in relation to business environment reform based on case studies in 4 countries (Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia).  DFID has supported work in high fragility countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, which have been amongst the most important focus countries for BERF.

BERF FCAS Projects

  1. BERF Youth Labour Markets Research 
  2. Business Environment Reform in FCAS Full Report
  3. Business Environment Reform in Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS)
  4. Afghanistan Evidence and Learning Note Business Environment Reform and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Afghanistan
  5. Afghanistan Harakat Organisational Review and Design Report
  6. Afghanistan Business Environment Reform Diagnostic for Harakat 
  7. Pakistan Business Environment Reform in Sindh Province
  8. Pakistan BERF Online Feedback Mechanism Report
  9. Pakistan Research study on policy reforms for Punjab’s priority business sectors
  10. Sudan Review of Business Environment Constraints
  11. BERF Skills and School Leavers in the Sierra Leone Labour Market