Cross-DFID Learning

The objective is to achieve cross-DFID learning and exchange of knowledge about effective Business Environment reform through appropriate dissemination of lessons learned and learning events, including case studies illustrating learning points. The learning activity develops a database of evidence by type of Business Environment reform and an evidence gap map of current knowledge and evidence. The evidence map is updated regularly and is used to develop an annual synthesis of new and existing knowledge.

The information generated by learning activities is continuously strengthened through an analysis of evidence gathered from technical support, policy research, and stakeholder engagement activities over the life of BERF.

BERF Evidence and Learning Projects
  1. BERF Annual Synthesis 2016
  2. Afghanistan Evidence and Learning Note Business Environment Reform and Women’s Economic Empowerment
  3. Bangladesh Evidence and Learning Note Gender and Business Environment_Investment Climate Reform in Bangladesh
  4. What is Best Practice on Gender and Business Environment Reform?
  5. Ghana Evidence and Learning Note Lessons from Ghana BEEP
  6. Business Environment Reform in Small Island Development States (SIDS). Implications for St Helena
  7. Adaptive Programming and Business Environment Reform in Zimbabwe
  8. Value for Money in Adaptive Programmes – Lessons for Zimbabwe 
  9. Zimbabwe – Public Private Dialogue Approaches Reference Library
  10. How to Measure Value for Money in DFID Business Environment and Investment Climate Reform Initiatives Delivered by the IFC: An Evidence and Learning Note
  11. What Works in BER in SSA and SA Feburary 2017
  12.  Punjab Skills for Competitiveness, Nov 2018
  13.  Zimbabwe – What Works in Local Content Policy October 18
  14. Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa (SITA) Skills for Competitiveness Evidence and Learning Note November 2018
  15. Hawassa Industrial Park Sourcing and Training Employees in the Region, Private Enterprise Programme Ethiopia Skills for Competitiveness Programme March 2019
  16. Skills for Competitiveness Synthesis of Evidence March 2019
BERF Evidence and Learning Products:

  1. Learning notes on BE Reform

    The learning notes series captures critical reflections on Business Environment reform, focusing on different approaches, practical challenges in implementation and lessons to be taken into account in future work. The notes provide a critical reflection on what worked and what did not work in particular contexts.

    The emphasis is on practical lessons for the design and implementation of Business Environment reform. The notes provide additional references to encourage practitioners to reflect more critically on the design and implementation of their programmes.

  2. An annual synthesis of knowledge

    From the database of evidence by type of Business Environment reform, evidence gap maps are produced and analysed to develop an annual synthesis of existing and new knowledge for circulation to DFID Country Offices.

  3. Learning reports on specialist BE reform topics:

    The rapid desk-based learning reports series disseminates for the benefit of DFID Country Offices on-demand reports on lessons learned on more specialised topics and expert thinking to inform policy and practice.

  4. Learning Events on BE Reform

    BERF organises online events (webinars and other web-based collaborative events) for DFID Advisers and Managers funding Business Environment reform programmes. Online events are moderated by consultants expert in a particular topic. Where required, these events can be linked with Adviser retreats and other country-level leasson learning initiatives.

  5. Guidance on Business Environment reform project management and structure

    BERF offers guidance on the merits of a particular approach to Business Environment reform and on best practice in structuring and managing Business Environment reform programmes. The guidance is provided by specialist expertise drawn from across the BERF Consortium and is synthesised from a review of Business Environment reform literature and documents.

BERF Evidence maps

To access the available BERF evidence maps click on the links below:

  1. Public Private Dialogue Evidence Mapping Tool July 2017
  2. Gender Evidence Mapping Tool July 2017