1. BERF Afghanistan Evidence and Learning Note Business Environment Reform and Womens Economic Empowerment in Afghanistan May 2017
  2. BERF Afghanistan Business Environment Reform Diagnostic for Harakat March 2017
  3. BERF Afghanistan Harakat Organisational Review and Design Report March 2017


  1. BERF Bangladesh Evidence and Learning Note Gender and Business Environment/Investment Climate Reform in Bangladesh March 2017
  2. BERF Bangladesh Gender and Business Environment Reform: What is “Best Practice”? July 2016


  1. BERF Caribbean Fintech Companies Regulation Review January 2019


  1. BERF Ethiopia Foreign Exchange for Businesses October 2019
  2. BERF Ethiopia Hawassa Industrial Park Sourcing and Training Employees in the Region, Private Enterprise Programme Ethiopia Skills for Competitiveness Programme March 2019




  1. BERF Ghana BEEP Phase III Project Completion Report, November 2017
  2. BERF Ghana Evidence and Learning Note Lessons from Ghana BEEP, March 2017
  3. BERF Ghana BEEP Phase 3 – July progress report with annexes, August 2017
  4. BERF Ghana Business Enabling Environment Programme – Design of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, July 2016


  1. BERF Jordan Business Environment Reform Assessment December 2017


  1. BERF Youth Labour Markets Research Sept 2017
  2. BERF Kenya Business Environment Diagnostic and Export Strategy May 2017
  3. BERF Kenya Business Environment Reform Diagnostic for the Creative Economy October 2016
  4. BERF Kenya Investment Climate Reform Scoping Mission Report April 2016


  1. BERF Montserrat Building Capacity for Improving the Business Environment in Montserrat November 2016


  1. BERF Mozambique Innovative Stakeholder Engagement for Two Business Membership Organisations
    1. BERF Mozambique  Innovative Stakeholder Engagement for ACIS (Associação de Comércio, Indústria e Serviços)  – Phase 1 ACIS December 2016
    2. BERF Mozambique Innovative Stakeholder Engagement for ANJE (Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários) – Phase 1 December 2016
    3. BERF Mozambique Stakeholder Engagement Tool for Business Membership Organisation ACIS January 2019
  2. Technical Support Diagnostic:
    1. BERF Mozambique Scoping Assessment for Economic Governance November 2017
    2. BERF Mozambique Youth Entrepreneurship Diagostic November 2016
    3. BERF Mozambique Renewable Energy Diagnostic Novermber 2016
    4. BERF Mozambique Forestry Sector Dialgnostic February 2017

Occupied Palestinian Territories

  1. BERF Occupied Palestinian Territories Diagnostic Review and Stakeholder Engagement July 2016


  1. BERF Pakistan Scoping Visit for an Online Feedback Mechanism, Punjab (Stakeholder Engagement) August 2016
  2. BERF Pakistan Punjab Sector Specific Research and Diagnostic December 2016
  3. BERF Pakistan Punjab Support to Public Private Dialogue February 2017
  4. BERF Pakistan Punjab Skills for Competitiveness, November 2018

Sierra Leone

  1. BERF Skills and School Leavers in the Sierra Leone Labour Market October 2017
  2. BERF Youth Labour Markets Research Sept 2017
  3. BERF Sierra Leone Business Environment Diagnostic Report May 2017

St Helena

  1. BERF St Helena Business Environment Reform in Small Island Development States Implications for St Helena August 2016
  2. BERF St Helena Investment Climate Review October 2016


  1. BERF Sudan Review of Business Environment Constraints, March 2017


  1. BERF Zambia Aviation Sector BE Assessment, January 2017



  1. BERF Zimbabwe – Public Private Dialogue Interventions: Lessons for Zimbabwe
  2. BERF Zimbabwe Public Private Dialogue Reference Library October 2016 and
  3. BERF Zimbabwe Public–Private Dialogue Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons for Zimbisa October 2016
  4. BERF Zimbabwe Future Options for Zimbisa February 2016
  5. BERF Zimbabwe Adaptive Programming and Business Environment Reform June 2017 
  6. BERF Zimbabwe Value for Money in Adaptive Programmes 
  7. BERF Zimbabwe What Works in Local Content Policy October 18
  8. BERF Zimbabwe Diagnostic Review of Tourism Manpower Development December 2018
  9. BERF Zimbabwe Strategic Review and Regional Dialogue Support for National Economic Consultative Forum December 2018